About Dr. Torrey Gorla, NMD, PScD, DAOM (Fellow)

  Dr. Torrey Gorla, author and national wellness expert, strives to help people understand the best doctor is their own body. When given the proper support, our bodies can often return to healthy function at most any age. His passion is to help people achieve and maintain their healthcare goals. Having treated over 30,000 patients, Dr. Torrey is a specialist […]


Hear what our patients have to say…       I came to Blue Ridge Acupuncture and Integrative Health in pretty bad shape. I had no energy, high cholesterol, back and joint pain and neuropathy symptoms, such as burning sensations in my feet and discoloration and numbness in my hands. I couldn’t think clearly and […]

5 Pillars of Health

5 Pillars of Health There are 5 key components for optimized living and long term health:      Detoxification, Hormone Health, Nutrition, Fitness, and Organ Function      

28 Day ID Transformation

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