So many people deal with the FRUSTRATION of being overweight; and it's not without its costs.  It's dificult emotionally, and can really affect how we feel about ourselves.  Being overweight also puts you at risks of some very serious diseases.  It's hard to watch people struggle with being overweight, especially when we have so many tools and resources to educate and assist in weight loss success.  

We often hear in our practice, “I eat well, I exercise and I still can’t lose weight.”  Sometimes people have other things going on underneath that make it difficult to lose and maintain a healthy weight.  It could be metabolic problems, hormonal imbalances, thyroid conditions, or unwanted drug side effects.   Trying to figure out what is going on can be really confusing for people.

Having helped hundreds of people with weight loss, we understand the underlying mechanisms that keep people from being successful, and have designed many options avaiilable to patients, depending on their goals.  We offer individualized treatment plans, using a Functional Medicine approach, which is part of an overall plan to achieve optimal health, where comprehensive lab testing is often utilized.  This helps detect hormonal imbalances (checked through saliva for accuracy) or thyroid issues, and also can address underlying food intolerances and ongoing gut inflammation.  People have the inability to lose weight for different reasons, and testing determines (without having to guess) WHAT is holding you back from losing weight.

We also have our Transormation 12, which is our 12-week health coaching program to transform your body in 12-week, with targeted supplementation (available only through licensed health professionals) specifically to address weight loss.  Our program is held in small, private groups and are led by a health coach for unlimited support with mindset, nutrition, and exercise goals, while also providing accountability in a supportive environment.  For information our our Transformation 12 program, click here.

Everyone knows that healthy weight loss involves good nutrition and exercise.  It also means that our attitude and emotions can drive us to succeed or fail.  To be successful, we need to want it, to choose it, and to envision it.  We need to feel that the consequences of NOT doing something – or following through – are worse than the pain that might be associated with starting a new exercise program or trading our favourite cookies for fresh fruits and veggies.  Let that desire be the motivating force.

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