Heart Health: The Power of Integrated Care
"After following his individualized wellness plan my blood pressure is under control, my energy and quality-of-life are improved, and my BMI went from 38 to 29 and I lost 30 pounds in 90 days ! My blood work improved across 14 different biomarkers and because of the knowledge I gain from Dr. Gorla and his team I now know how to stay healthy and for that there is no replacement. I would recommend Dr. Gorla and his practiced anybody who wants to feel better quickly and for years to come!" -Dale H

The promotion of cardiovascular health is one of Dr. Gorla‘s passions! Many of the patients he consults regarding cardiovascular health have ongoing issues with blood pressure, cholesterol, weight gain, hormone imbalances, and are just simply not feeling well. Many patients are on medications that often are not working as well as the patient or their doctors would like! Another common patient complaint that Dr. Gorla sees is that patients are having very significant side effects from pharmaceuticals.

To help patients in their quest for optimal health and cardiovascular prevention the following key areas must be addressed and are often overlooked:
1) Inflammation
2) Stress induced disorders
3) Hormone  and endocrine influences on the cardiovascular system
4) Cholesterol
5) Blood viscosity ( thickness)
Please be aware that conventional cardiology and professional natural medicine cardiology generally address different areas and integrate nicely to improve the patient’s lives and outcomes!

"After following Dr. Gorla‘s plan my blood pressure is consistently under control, and I have continued to lose weight, down 15 pounds. I have gained energy, mental clarity, and confidence with less dependency on pharmaceuticals because of Dr. Gorla‘s intense focus, consideration, and prescriptions. In fact under Dr. Gorla‘s care my blood work has improved across 12 biomarkers which never happened under my cardiologists’ care!
Anyone who is open to evidence-based alternative medical paths to treating health issues would be foolish not to pursue Dr. Gorla‘s recommendations ! I fully endorse Dr. Gorla and his team as they are professional, caring, engaging, and fun!"
-Andy H

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