BRAINS ON FIRE: Getting Real Help with Anxiety & Depression
"Several months ago I made the life-changing decision to consult with Dr. Gorla. I was 23 years old and I was already spending thousands of dollars in medical bills and still suffering! I was overweight and exhausted and was plagued by anxiety and depression. I was pretty hopeless when I walked into Dr. Gorla's office for the first time, however my attitude immediately lightened, as everyone in the office showed a genuine concern and care for me as a person. I've been following Dr. Gorla's individualized program he developed for me. I have revitlized energy, I no longer have PMS, I've lost 30 pounds and my anxiety and depression has gotten a lot less severe! All of the people at Blue Ridge Integrative Health have given me a new lease on life that I'm excited to be living!" -KE

Unfortunately anxiety, depression, and panic disorders are epidemic Americans. The rate of Americans on psychiatric medications is extremely high, however there are 4 major problems that Dr. Gorla sees all the time with psychiatric medications, even though in certain cases they can help some. 

Here is a list of the problems and pitfall of just using pharmaceutical medications to help those suffering from anxiety, panic disorder and depression:

1) Side effects 

2) Lack of effectiveness

3) Long term dangers

4) They focus on symptom management instead of optmizing the patients chemistry and improving the organ function to resolve the problem. 

"There is no doubt that Dr. Gorla and his team saved my life. The majority of my life I felt like I was dying from the inside out. After Dr. Gorla's treatment my anxiety and inability to handle stress has improved dramatically. They are angels in my eyes. Dr. Gorla does not just help reduce the symptoms, he treats the problem and eliminates it. It works! I think God for the knowledge he give each and everyone of his patients!"
-Crystal M

I understand the level of suffering that people go through when using the following model: a pill for a symptom, mixed with lack of a detailed history and intake and minimal to no lab work offered through the insurance based model. It's very sad, and frustrating for the patient. It's not your fault as that's the corporate dictated model. I have seen hundreds of patients who take meds for anxiety and depression and do not understand why! It's simply not RIGHT! We are here to help!

There are 5 key areas that often need to be addressed to improve outcomes with those suffering from anxiety, depression, or panic disorder. 

1) Reduce brain inflammation and improve the immune system.

2) Optimize the human microbiome, test and eliminate food allergies and intolerences to reduce G.I. inflammation, and ensure nutrient absorption. 

3) Balance hormones and optimize thyroid function. 

4) Ensure proper circulation and perfusion of blood flow.

5) Enchance and improve Liver functions.

When patients are treated with respect and viewed through a comperhensive lens, meaning looking at the foundations of a healthy body, people with anxiety, panic disorder, and depression often improves dramatically!


"At my initial consultation with Dr. Gorla I requsted help with my anxiety. Dr. Gorla explained to me that anxiety is often a syptom of other imbalances. He was also able to help me with a slew of other health concerns such as infertility, endometriosis, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and hypoglycemia. Through Dr. Gorla's investigative eye and treatments I am on the way to being healed for the first time in my life. I am incredibly grateful for the care I received from Dr. Gorla because conventional medicine has left me completely empty-handed!"