A New Lease on Life
-Kalie E.

"Several months ago, I made the life-changing decision to consult with Dr. Gorla about my health. I will forever be grateful for the education and freedom his office has given me. I am 23-years-old and was already spending thousands of dollars on medical bills and consistently feeling like my health was inhibiting me from living a fulfilling life. I was overweight, had reoccurring sinus infections, little to no energy, awful PMS, and was plagued by anxiety and depression. After consultations with many different doctors, lab work, CT scans, and MRIs. I was told everything from “you might have multiple sclerosis” to “there’s nothing wrong with you.” I was frustrated with conventional medicine’s lack of answer and concern.

I felt pretty hopeless when I walked into Blue Ridge Integrative Health for the first time. However, my attitude immediately lightened. On the first visit and every visit after, everyone in the office showed genuine concern and care for me. The environment cultivated by all of the staff is warm, welcoming, and helpful. I immediately felt like I was a part of the family that would do everything in their power to help me get well.

I’ve been following Dr. Gorla's individualized program for four months now and have seen tremendous changes. I react poorly to most pharmaceuticals. However, the herbal supplements Dr. Gorla provides have offered no negative side effects. The supplements, detoxification and diet plan, classes, and acupuncture have changed my life. So far, I’ve lost 30 pounds, have revitalized energy that hasn’t gone unnoticed by my friends, family, and colleagues. I no longer have painful PMS, my anxiety and depression have gotten less severe, and my sinus infections are gone.

The staff help you physically get well. They also provide you with the tools and information necessary to help build healthy habits to stay well long-term. All of the people at Blue Ridge Integrative Health have given me a new lease on a life that I'm excited to be living."

“Dr. Gorla’s path has been proven and should be viewed by the patient as a LIFE CHANGING EVENT! I have lost 75 pounds, my blood work improved across 21 markers, my blood pressure is now under control, I have increased mobility, I feel younger and I’m excited to see the results of my next visit!
The best part of it, is that Dr. Gorla and his staff are always there for you when you need them. They are a very special group of people who have proven that the ‘whole patient’ requires treatment not just the “symptoms!”
RN goes from frustration to finally getting help!
-Judy V. , RN

"After much stress in my life, I developed weight gain, cholesterol problems, very high blood pressure, and thyroid issues. I was placed on medications for what I considered to be symptoms, but they stopped working. I began questioning why these drugs were not effective and my numbers changed so often. I saw an endocrinologist, who like my GP could not answer my questions.  
I was FRUSTRATED! I stopped all the meds and my blood pressure became very elevated! It was then that my friend referred me to Dr. Gorla. He ran comprehensive testing, which none of my previous doctors had done, and then explained to me why I was having these problems! He helped me understand evidence-based healthcare versus symptom suppression and has helped  me with nutrition, blood pressure, weight (down 22 pounds), and accurate supplementation based on my labs, and history. My blood work has improved across 16 markers and everything is now within normal range. I feel the best I have in years, thanks to Dr. Gorla!"


Better Quality of Life
-Teresa W

"I came to Blue Ridge Acupuncture and Integrative Health in pretty bad shape. I had no energy, high cholesterol, back and joint pain, neuropathy symptoms, such as burning sensations in my feet and discoloration and numbness in my hands. I couldn’t think clearly, and my sleeping patterns weren’t consistent. Dr. Gorla's program, combined with acupuncture treatments, helped me feel better almost immediately. I had more energy, no more brain fog, and the numbness and burning in my hands and feet went away. My back and joint pain also improved. My labs showed improvement across 21 different markers, and my quality of life is a lot better. I thank Dr. Gorla for helping me and making me feel better than I ever have! I would recommend Blue Ridge Integrative Health to anyone who isn’t happy with their health and wants to improve their quality of life."

Maddie's story of conquering lifelong emotional and physical pain!
Maddie M.

“I had many serious health challenges before consulting with Dr. Gorla. At 25 I assumed I’d be dead by 30 because I had no quality of life. As my life revolved around trying to predict which symptoms would come up next, whether it was memory loss, G.I. problems (I felt poisoned when I ate), chronic pain, severe OCD mixed with anger and lack of self-control, or fatigue with brain fog! This never-ending cycle of health issues made me feel like I was never going to function on my own. Before seeing Dr. Gorla, I had slowly been making amends with the reality; I was probably never going to have to hold down a real job, which meant no family.
I have been suffering from these health problems for years and the previous doctors made me feel like I was crazy. However, in the first 20 minutes of talking to Dr. Gorla, I knew he was going to be able to fix me and he did! For the first time in my life, I feel joy in a way I didn’t think I was ever going to, and I’m finally in control of my life!"

No more recurrent infections with optimized immune system

After a lifetime of respiratory illness including asthma, sinus infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, and extreme fatigue, I finally found a healing answer and I want everybody to hear about it. Year after year I had grown more dependent on a variety of antibiotics, steroids, and inhalers with limited results and multiple side effects. For 4 months straight I was continually sick. I felt like I would never reclaim my health and that I was on a slippery slope to health defeat. My wife, who was a nurse, said we are going to try something that is more comprehensive. I went for a medical consult with Dr. Gorla and, after just 3 weeks of Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medication, I feel 100% better. I no longer have recurrent lung infections, my exhaustion is gone, and my asthma is easily managed with Dr. Gorla's protocol. Dr. Gorla and his staff gave me hope and relief from health problems that I have suffered with all my life. None of my previous doctors addressed the root cause of my illnesses. With the knowledge and compassion from Dr. Gorla and his staff I feel 1000% better. I have an abundance of energy that I thought was gone forever!

Thank you!

Jim, Boone

Jon H.
"I had severe allergies, pain (knee, foot, and ankles), weight gain, and bloodwork that was not in normal/healthy range in 8 different areas!
Prescription drugs from pharmaceutical-based doctors and eating healthy did nothing to solve the issues. The prescription drugs also had side effects and  made me worse, and caused other issues.
I received fact-based medical care from Dr.Gorla! I’m off all my prescription drugs and on high-quality supplements and that, combined with the acupuncture, has improved 12 out of 12 biomarkers on my blood work, and my aches and pains are GONE! By following Dr. Gorla‘s individualized plan, I have lost 35 pounds, my BMI has dropped over three points, and I have much more energy. I am able to do much more, I sleep better, and I have a much better quality of life! I have referred multiple people to Dr.Gorla and his team because they are in need of similar improvements and care! Thanks to Dr. Gorla and his team!”

Judy and Linda Take Control of their Health!

Two Women's Journeys to Wellness

No Longer Pre-Diabetic or Obese
-James B.

"I consulted with Dr. Gorla because I battled obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, ongoing exhaustion, IBS, and recurrent respiratory infections. I tried crazy diets, but nothing worked. I started a wellness program with Dr. Gorla and lost 40 pounds. I no longer have diabetes, no longer get infections, my BP is under control, my energy has improved, and my IBS is gone. I've turned my health completely around with Dr. Gorla's direction!" 


Jackie Getting Rid of Cellulitis for GOOD!
Jackie F. ( Boone)

"For years I had reoccurrence cellulitis, which is a serious bacterial infection. I had a history of suppressed immune system I was constantly on antibiotics. Now I feel like a miracle has occurred because I have no more cellulitis infections due to Dr. Gorla‘s treatments. I have been thriving  on Dr.  Gorla’s recommendations for 10 years! thank you Dr. Gorla for always listening to me and having an innovative approach to keeping me healthy, active, and stress-free!”

Feeling Good Again
-Elizabeth T

“I feel better overall. I have not felt good since I had mono 30 years ago, but conventional doctors never listened. The initial labs Dr. Gorla ran showed numerous issues. After taking the recommended formulas and  following Dr. Gorla’s plan, the second lab showed just a few remaining issues.  

I now have so much energy; I can have activities scheduled every day, where before if I did something active one day, I was “in the bed” for two! My life has improved in so many ways. The biggest reason I decided to see Dr. Gorla was for shingles nerve pain. The combination of acupuncture treatments and supplements, including Chinese Herbal Medicine, I no longer have miserable nerve pain. I didn’t realize how “bad” I felt until I felt “good” again.  I can exercise at my fitness center, and it’s not a struggle. I can plan activities with friends and family, shopping trips, sightseeing trips, etc., and know that I will feel good all day and still have energy when I get home. My sleep is improving along with my health. I’m off blood pressure and acid-reducing meds. 

I’ve lost 28 pounds in 4 months! I can even tell that my posture has improved due, I’m sure, to the exercise plan.  I love walking in the door of Dr. Gorla’s office because the atmosphere is so pleasant.  I’m greeted by name and made to feel welcome and that my health is important to ALL the employees.  I talk to people all the time who have health issues, and my response is now to go check out this practice because it’s working for me. Then I tell them specifically how.“

A New Outlook on Life
-A very happy patient

"I came to Blue Ridge Acupuncture and Integrative Health when I was dealing with some major depression and anxiety following a very tough, painful time in my life. I couldn't seem to get past these on my own, and these health problems had been plaguing me for over a year. I had also been struggling with PMS symptoms that were awful, both physically and emotionally, and they kept getting worse as I got older. I just assumed that awful PMS was normal for all women. I did not want to get on the mainstream pharmaceutical drugs that simply mask the symptoms and that is when I found out about Dr. Gorla through a Google search for alternative medicine. Dr. Gorla gave me my life back and helped me to get back to being a healthy, happy and normal young woman all over again. The natural medicines and herbal treatments I took corrected all my deficiencies that showed up on my blood work, and the herbal Chinese medicine did wonders for depression, anxiety and painful PMS symptoms, with absolutely no side effects. He also helped diagnose my reactive hypoglycemia that other doctors had ignored, and helped me to get on a supplement to manage that and gave me advice on how to change my diet in a way that turned it all around. Before that, I had dealt with fatigue, irritability, sugar cravings, brain fog and even fainting due to constantly feeling hungry, or getting hungry very quickly between meals, and the resulting low blood sugar levels. I also recently saw Dr. Gorla for treating my hormonal acne that I could not manage on my own, and for the first time since I was 13, I now have clear skin instead of huge, painful breakouts each month (I am now 27 years old). The staff there is extremely kind, compassionate, friendly and helpful, and Dr. Gorla is so very knowledgeable, gifted and easy to talk to (and I used to hate going to the doctor!) He made me feel at ease, and I am so thankful for his help in getting me out of a very dark, painful place into a happy, healthy one again. I cannot more highly recommend Blue Ridge Acupuncture and Integrative Health. I am constantly telling my friends about Dr. Gorla and recommending him and this practice to anyone who will listen."

50 Pounds Gone & A1C of 5.8 (down from 8.1)
-Mike R.

“I was feeling terrible and not showing any improvement.  I was overweight with lower back pain, high blood pressure, and high sugar levels.  I could not stand up very long on my feet and didn’t have any stamina.  A relative of a friend had been to see Dr. Gorla and was pleased with the results. I made a phone call and got an appointment.

I started a Wellness Program, and in 4 months  had lost 37 pounds and lost 50 pounds in 7 months.  I have lost more than 51/2 inches in my chest and 5 in my waist.  My A1C (blood sugar marker) dropped from 8.1 to 5.8.  My daily readings are all acceptable.  I feel much better and have much more stamina.  I can stand for much longer periods of time without my back and leg hurting.  I am also able to do my mowing and yard work.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Gorla!"

A New Start
-Peace and Love, Crystal M.

“These are words with a big meaning.  I’ve always had hope because that’s the kind of person I am.  With that being said, there is NO doubt that Dr. Gorla and his staff have saved my life.  "The majority of my life, I felt like I was dying from the inside out." My anxiety, stress, and insomnia have been cut by more than half since starting care. My blood pressure has always been low but now, for the first time in my life, it's normal. 

My iron level he found was really high, and now I’m taking a completely natural nutritional formula, and it has been lowered drastically.  They love what they are doing, and it truly shows. Angels in my eyes. It’s the real deal, smart, caring, and excited about healing.  It is not just pacifying the symptoms.  They treat the problem and eliminate it. It works. With faith and dedication, I thank God for the knowledge he has given each and everyone affiliated with this practice.”

A Life Worth Living

“I had debilitating upper and lower abdominal pain for years.  The terrible spastic pain has been occurring regularly since I had my gall bladder removed in July 2013.  I didn’t have a life anymore. Most days I would lie in bed with a heating pad on my stomach to help me endure the pain. The conventional doctors gave me pharmaceuticals which only made things worse. The gastrointestinal specialist even talked about removing part of my colon to help with the pain. 

I had extreme fatigue and depression. My immune system plunged and I developed leukopenia. I couldn’t go out with my husband and I couldn’t plan anything with my family.  Life to me wasn’t worth living anymore and had just about given up. Fortunately, I found Dr. Gorla.  I was impressed with all the questions I was asked about my health. 

After just 4 weeks of treatment, my abdominal pain is gone and I am getting my energy back. I haven’t felt this good in years!  When I go to bed at night, I actually look forward to getting up the next morning and living. I am so thankful to Dr. Gorla and his entire staff.  They are not only professional but also very nice.I felt that they really do care for me.  Thank you Dr. Gorla and staff for my new life!”

Help With Type 1 Diabetes

“I had been to two endocrinologists to try to get better blood sugar control as I am a Type 1 diabetic. I also wanted help losing weight. I could not get help from the doctors; they kept increasing my insulin and told me to count carbs correctly and to loose weight (with no help on how to do this!) 

After being under Dr. Gorla’s care, I am happy to report I have lost weight and have improved blood sugar control. I have reduced my insulin by 50% and and am continuing to lose weight and improve my blood sugar daily.  I have completely gotten of my depression medications and my cholesterol medications.

I feel so much better. I have energy I didn’t have before.  Dr. Gorla and his staff have been so supportive and helpful. I feel that I can continue to improve and they are the help I was looking for. As a Type 1 diabetic, it is wonderful to  have found this help.  I highly recommend this office to anyone who feels hopeless and needs help. I wish I had known about this office when I was first diagnosed with diabetes.”

Hashing Out Hashimotos
-A thankful mom

“My nine-year-old daughter’s pediatric endocrinologist had diagnosed her hypothyroidism a year prior to her experiencing her worst symptoms.  Then Synthroid had quit being the answer for her ‘flake out’ days which consisted of extremely low energy, brain fog, weakness to the point of being unable to hold a pencil, terrible headaches, sensitivity to light and internal shivers.  She was also gaining too much weight too quickly. 

She craved sugar and was seemingly hungry all the time.  On ‘flake out’ days, she had not a few, but all of the aforementioned symptoms.  First she was missing one day of school and extracurricular (all life, really) per week, then two, then more.  By the time we discovered Dr. Gorla she had missed two straight weeks of school, of life, basically unable to move or think.

I knew very little about naturopathic healing, but I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.  Three conventional doctors, including the specialist, had told me, ‘Her TSH is normal.  There’s nothing else I can do.’  Dr. Gorla knew exactly where to get started.  He ordered lab work, quickly determined she had Hashimoto’s disease, took her off gluten, added dietary supplements necessary to help her specific set of problems.

Now, less than three months later, she is well on her way to recovery.  Most of her symptoms have disappeared and the few remaining are less intense and much less frequent.  She’s having no more headaches, no more light sensitivity, no more mysterious internal shivers, no more sugar cravings, and no more uncontrolled hunger. 

As an added bonus, her daily reflux is gone.  She’s down to missing one day of life out of seven instead of six or seven days out of seven. We all agree that, ‘He’s the only one who has helped us with this,’ and we thank God for pointing us to Dr. Gorla.  He’s wonderful with children, and very compassionate.”

A Myriad of Health Problems Healed
– C.S.

“I originally sought Dr. Gorla on my mother’s recommendation. She was already a patient.  At my initial consult, I requested help for my anxiety for which I had been taking medicine for about five years.  I was hoping to find a drug-free solution.  During the evaluation, Dr. Gorla explained that anxiety can oftentimes be a symptom of other imbalances, and he asked about my health history. 

In addition to my anxiety, I also have a history of infertility, endometriosis, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and a slew of “slightly off” lab values, all of which conventional medicine had told me they had “no cure for” or it is “isn’t a big deal.”  Through Dr. Gorla’s investigative eye and aggressive testing of specialized labs, saliva, and stool studies, we were able to find the root reason for my myriad of health problems. 

Now I am on my way to being healed for the first time in my life through targeted supplementation based on my lab results and medical history.   I am incredibly grateful for the care I have received from Dr. Gorla because conventional medicine had left me completely empty handed.”

Kicking Kidney Stones – Naturally!
– K. Brown

“I began seeing Dr. Gorla in July of 2009 at the age of 34 because I had been dealing with right side flank pain for over 10 years and no doctors had been able to help me.  According to Western doctors, my blood work showed that I was “fine.”  I knew something was very wrong, but didn’t know what.  I had lost 25 pounds in one year and family and friends even expressed their concern about my weight loss.  I was sleeping over 13 hours a day.  Regardless of whether or not I ate food, my stomach hurt, and I never knew if I was going to be struck with a bout of diarrhea which was beginning occur more and more frequently.  Even the blandest of foods caused a GI upset.  A gastroenterologist prescribed me Nexium.  It did not help my symptoms at all, and it additionally caused heartburn.  When I requested a copy of my patient file, the doctor’s notes revealed that he suspected that I had anorexia.  I was infuriated.

A friend who knew of Dr. Gorla recommended I see him. He advised that we do a hair tissue analysis to find out what was going on.  It revealed that I was in severe Adrenal Fatigue.  My potassium and sodium were low and out of ratio, among several other things that had caused inflammation of my intestinal tract and leaky gut.  My body was not able to properly digest food, and I was not absorbing any nutrients.  I needed nutritional, Chinese herbal formulas to address the root of the problem along with the support of Chinese acupuncture treatments.  I made a commitment to myself to take control of my wellness.  By September, my intestinal problems completely disappeared and have not returned.  After 10 years of irregular, irritable bowels, gas, intestinal pain, and restrictive eating, I was symptom free.

My front right side pain was gone, but I continued to have some right side back pain.  Dr. Gorla advised me not to have a CT scan due to the high level of radiation, but rather an ultrasound, which was safer.  It revealed that I had kidney stones.  The urologist wanted to do lithotripsy which required a CT scan.  When I asked about other options, the doctor said that my only other option was to live with the pain.  I returned to Dr. Gorla, and he was able to help me right away. Rather than bombarding my body with sound waves to break up the kidney stones, which would likely reoccur, we were gently dissolving the stones, and supporting my body nutritionally to help it heal itself with a specific, customized care plan.

I am continually amazed by Dr. Gorla’s vast knowledge and expertise.  Not only is he one of the most intelligent people that I have ever met, he is caring, compassionate, genuine, kind, and approachable.  He is always working to learn more and also educate his patients in order to empower us to keep ourselves well.  I have learned a lot about how crucial healthy eating is to our health and wellness.  I also learned that our symptoms are the last stage of disease.  Symptoms are our body’s way of communicating that it can no longer manage the condition and needs help.  There are many ways to find out what’s going on with our bodies before we become symptomatic, allowing us to address problems early and prevent disease.  His staff is wonderful, and I am so thankful to Dr. Gorla.  Some people may be concerned that insurance does not yet cover functional wellness modalities, but I am so glad that I did not let that stop me.  Western (conventional) medicine is a blessing for emergency care, but it does not yet effectively support preventative care, health, and wellness.  Our health is our most valuable asset.  I would like to live a long life – and I would like it to be as enjoyable and pain free as possible.

On any given day, a quick poll of fellow patients in the office, many of whom have driven hours to specifically see Dr. Gorla, reveals deep appreciation for the natural, gentle relief and cures that Dr. Gorla has helped them find for a variety of ailments when no one else could help them.  I highly recommend Dr. Gorla to everyone who has a health concern, big or small.  You would be amazed at what these natural approaches can do to improve the quality of your life.  I urge you to empower yourself and take control of your own wellness.”

Menopause: From Miserable to Manageable

“I went to Dr. Gorla because my body had shut down. Fifty two years old and in menopause, I had been using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for six months.  But it wasn’t working any longer.  I suffered from chronic symptoms:  insomnia, stress related to PTSD, debilitating hot flashes, ongoing UTIs, suspected interstitial cystitis, crushing all-day fatigue, aching joints, puffy hands, and severe constipation.  In addition to natural HRT, I took maintenance prescription medicines daily: an inhaler steroid and a nose spray — both for adult onset asthma; an antihistamine to treat chronic insomnia and PTSD; and urinary tract meds to numb discomfort.  My urologist had scheduled a cystoscopy, and invasive procedure which I was staving off.  I had begun to take vitamins and minerals, UT supplements and a probiotic, but my body couldn’t benefit from them. I felt sick and tired and ate little because of bloating and nausea.  A nap was a daily necessity. My symptoms affected my enjoyment of life.

I trusted Dr. Gorla and his staff from my first consultation.  They treated me with professionalism, compassion, and kindness.  They treated me like their friend.  I laid out my symptoms and my sins.  Not a drinker or a smoker, I confessed that I ate candy for dinner sometimes.  While I exercised regularly with walking and yoga, my diet was horrible.  Dr. Gorla’s knowledge, experience, education, and confidence that he could help me all convinced me to buy into the holistic philosophy of wellness.  I changed my diet, taking out all wheat, dairy, and sugar and adding fruits, veggies, and good protein.  I began taking formulas that Dr. Gorla recommended.  I stayed on my bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, but began to decrease the daily dosages.

Eight months later, I can report astounding results.  I take NO prescription medicines.  I am off all asthma meds for the first time in 7 years and take no meds for UT or insomnia.  My menopause symptoms are quite manageable:  a couple of hot flashes a day, and infrequently, a restless night of UT sensitivity.  Morning fatigue is the only symptom I still have, and we are working on that.

I am doing my part.  I take daily vitamins, minerals, a probiotic, and my supplements. I use minimal natural Hormone Replacement Therapy daily, but now my body can receive and benefit from it.  I avoid wheat and dairy (I cheat now and again, but who doesn’t?).  I walk a mile or two a day, have a yoga practice, and meditate regularly.  I feel as well as I have felt in many years, and I am doing it naturally.  I owe it to Dr. Gorla, their kind staff, and the nurturing, professional atmosphere.”

Psoriasis No More
–Mark Bebout, Parrotsville, TN

“I had a very severe case of psoriasis on my feet & lower legs that had become progressively worse over a several year period. I was unable to sleep it itched so bad. Local doctors prescribed steroids, told me I had psoriasis, and there was no cure! The steroids relieved the symptoms but made me jumpy. As soon as I stopped taking them the condition returned with a vengeance.

A friend recommended Dr. Gorla.  I was at my wits end, and so I figured “why not give it a shot.”  Dr. Gorla asked me “How serious are you about treating this condition?”; I was expecting the “no cure for psoriasis” line.  I was under his care for several months, and was compliant with my program. My result was 100% improvement and I am happy to report NO RECURRENCE. Over 2 years psoriasis free!! The treatment I received not only relieved my skin condition, but gave me a feeling of well-being and confidence that remains with me to this day.

Hope Found!
-Rebecca H

“I have so much respect and gratitude for Dr. Gorla and his staff. Dr. Gorla’s compassion for others is beyond compare and his knowledge of the art of healing comes second nature to him.  I had been to many conventional medical doctors, only to have pills and more doctors tossed my way.  There were never good results. 

Gallbladder disease, IBS, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder,  and the loss of my dad to heart disease, and the loss of my best friend to bone cancer- just to name a few of the things I was dealing with.  Dr. Gorla helped me through life’s muddiest waters.  There is hope. I found it in Dr. Gorla, a caring, wise young man that carries with integrity, a God-given gift in his hands, and in his heart.”

PJ conquers Fibromyalgia, weight gain, and hormone problems with comprehensive care!

"The results I’ve seen with Dr Gorla’s wellness have been tremendous. I now have great energy, no longer suffer from chronic body pain, my allergies have improved, I’ve lost 28 pounds and my blood work has improved across 12 different markers! I cannot say enough about the education I received from Dr.Gorla at it as it has been life-changing. I’ve never experienced such personalized care from a doctor before."

Congratulations to GWEN! From years of debilitating abdominal pain, and the the GI surgeon recommending partial colon removal to severe abdominal pain, gone!

“Before seeing Dr. Gorla I didn’t have a life due to my digestive issues. I had a suppressed immune system and depression due to my severe digestive problems! After just four weeks of Dr. Gorla‘s care my pain is gone and I’m getting my energy back. I haven’t felt this good in years and when I go to bed I actually look forward to getting up the next day and living my life, which before his care I didn’t. Thank you you Dr. Gorla!”

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