Too many people in Hickory, NC are struggling with pain and ailments that aren't being properly treated.

Blueridge Acupuncture & Integrative Health knows that you deserve to feel in control of your health. Too many people are placing trust in conventional doctors to treat them only to realize that the root causes of their pain are not be addressed. 

At Blueridge we're different. We really listen to you and attack the real cause of the problem instead of just the symptoms that come from it. 

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We understand how frustrating it feels to deal with nagging injuries & conditions.

We know you feel like you've tried everything to get better and take control of your health. 

At Blueridge Acupuncture and Integrative Health, we go against convention and actually listen to you and create a personal plan that is designed to not just relieve your symptoms but improve your overall health. We don't believe in treating for the short term; we treat for the long term and are committed to our community in Hickory, NC.

Receive personal care that you can trust.
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